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in Electrical and Telecommunications Technologies


Good Pay

A lifelong career that can’t be outsourced — you can make over $96,000/year + benefits upon completion of our five-year apprenticeship program.


Great Way to Learn

Our award-winning training program combines on-the-job training and classroom work to create a fast-paced environment that will keep you engaged.


No Student Loans

Earn excellent pay and benefits while you learn. First-year apprentices make around $43,200 + benefits. No loans to repay — you get paid while you learn.


“After graduating you definitely have the skills to be successful at the job.”

Bryan Perdomo, Journeyman Electrician, 2014 JATC Graduate*

As a program graduate Perdomo works in the field every day confident he’ll continue to be successful at his job and able to support his family.

“I have a bright future ahead of me.”

Kevin Pompey
Apprentice Electrician
4th year in JATC Program*

Pompey loves that the program challenges him in new ways every day and appreciates learning leadership skills as well.  He considers it a privilege to be part of the program.


“The instructors at the JATC are extremely unique…very hands on….and want you to succeed.”

Dustin Dawson
Apprentice Electrician
2nd year in JATC Program*

Dawson enrolled in the program after leaving the Marine Corp. and has already seen it open doors for him, his future and his ability support his family.

“It’s given me a trade that I’ll know and have for the rest of my life.”

Erica Velasquez
Apprentice Electrician
2nd year in JATC Program*

As a second year apprentice in the program, Velasquez encourages those interested in applying to “just go for it—no hesitation!”


* Videos recorded January 2015

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