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The Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) electrical apprenticeship program is an accredited education program. It requires a student with strong math and sciences skills who is dedicated to advancing their career. Once apprentices complete their training, they are licensed electricians. 

The application process is similar to applying for college. While SAT scores are not required, applicants must provide their high school transcripts showing a passing grade in Algebra I and take a qualifying exam.

The apprenticeship program does not cost anything. In addition, apprentices get paid while they attend class and on-site training.

Classes take place in cutting-edge facilities in Lanham or Manassas. Classrooms are wired for video on demand allowing instructors to call up training videos, lesson plans and presentations. They also have built in lab space, where students sharpen their skills on actual equipment. Finally, all of the building’s power equipment has been placed where students can familiarize themselves with what they will encounter on the job-site.

Depending on career goals, apprentices choose one of the three tracks below.
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